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Counter for Divi

The counter module Elegant Themes should have made!

Counter for Divi is a replacement for Elegant Themes default Number Counter and Circle Counter modules. This module combines the functionality of both modules in one, which is even more powerful, flexible and gives you the freedom to count whatever you want.

Our counter has a greater set of features, which makes this module a superior successor to its standard counterparts. The main features of this counter module are:

  • Count numbers, dates or posts
  • Count from one number to another
  • Use custom pre- and suffix text
  • Full control over circle style
  • Create pie charts
  • Count decimal places
  • Circular counter with different percentage vs number
  • Count to and from positive and negative numbers
  • Change how long count animation takes

Besides the endless styling possibilities, the module comes with custom CSS fields for every occasion so there is nothing you can’t create right out of the box. But thats not all. By purchasing Counter for Divi, you will get lifetime updates for free and if you ever encounter a problem, we are happy to help you solve it. Simply contact us by using the contact from on this page and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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Count Numbers

With Counter for Divi you can count numbers but not just like the normal Number Counter module. You can add your own pre- and suffixes, count from one number to another number and you can show decimal places as well. Perfect if you for example want to show off how much something is worth.



Count Dates

With Counter for Divi you can also count dates. Simply choose a start or end date and Counter for Divi will automatically calculate the distance between the dates. You can leave the To or From Date field blank to use the current time. Perfect if you for example want to show how long you are using something or how long till your next workshop.

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Count Posts

Have you ever wanted to show how awesome your site is by displaying the amount of posts you have written? Well, now you can – without updating the number manually. Counter for Divi lets you easily count every public post type in your WordPress installation. Simply select the the post type/s – you can even choose an offset to add or subtract to/from the number.


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Count with Circles

Counter for Divi can not only use a number but also a circle. However, unlike Divis default Circle Counter, you are not forced to count numbers between 0 and 100 but you can count any number you want. Simply choose the percentage the circle should display in a separate field. This opens a whole new world of possibilities.


Customize everything

Another improvement is the ability to customize not only the bar color but the whole module to your liking.


Pie Charts

Maybe the coolest feature of Counter for Divi is the possibility to create pie charts.


Contact Us

If you have questions about Counter for Divi, trouble setting it up or using it or if you just want to say hello, feel free to send us a message. We will respond as fast as possible.

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